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Stores, Shows, Seasons

You can find us at shows and stores around the area. Here is our current list:


-Thanksgiving Weekend: Austin, TX powwow.

- November 6 - Sunday before Christmas: College Station, Texas at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. 

- November 20, 27, Dec 4: Santa Fe, N. Mexico at St. Bede's Episcopal Church. 

- December 3-4: Tucson, AZ at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church Christmas Bazaar

- December 11: Window Rock AZ at the Navajo Nation Museum, Holiday show.



- Window Rock, Chinle Arizona: at all of the Arts and Crafts fine art and jewelry stores across the Navajo Nation. 

- Santa Fe, New Mexico: at La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza, gift shop Detours.

- Albuquerque, NM: The Old House, in Old Town on the Plaza.

- Durango, CO: Artistanos.

- Sedona, AZ: Naja.

- Phoenix, AZ: Heard Museum

- Tucson, AZ: The Art House

- West Yellowstone, MT: The Cradleboard



Our work revolves around the cycle of the earth. Each month brings new joys and teachings of how we live together. We invite you into our garden, to see what we are doing, and maybe you would like to join us! 

 It all begins with a map of the gardens and greenhouse. In January and February we figure out the garden bed design and where we want to put crops, in a rotation cycle that maximizes soil fertility and diminishes weeds and bugs. 


March: prepare soil, sow spring cover crop, dig Zuni waffle beds. It is dry now, and windy.  We don't expect any rain until late summer. We are starting seeds in the greenhouse - tomatoes, beans, basil, peppers, lettuces.  

Late May early June: Corn planting. Pinion sap is running now on the pinion trees that grow up in the mountains. We gather it to infuse into olive oil and to use for medicines. We are planting squash, beans and strawberries .

July : The rains have begun and the corn is happy! Navajo Tea comes into bloom and is ready to be gathered.  

August:  With the rains comes sage in bloom and the sunflowers have sprung to life all over Arizona and the Four Corners. We are gathering and drying the petals.  The corn pollen is dripping from the stalks, and at dawn it makes a powerful statement to the Creator.

  September:  Still gathering the luscious      sunflowers and now, prickles pear fruit  - they are   sweet and aromatic. After Labor Day we harvest  the summer honey from our bee hives.  We are getting good regular rains and the corn is amazing  

October: we will be harvesting throughout the month.  It will go into our greenhouse for any further drying before we shell and grind.