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Happy Valentines Day!

At SHIMA'  of Navajoland, we use the best ingredients because you are worth it, and we are worth it. Our prices reflect the quality of our ingredients - from the finest oils to hand-gathered native wild medicines that can only be sourced by the Navajo people. 

 Like chefs, we take a few exceptional ingredients and let them shine. We start with olive and coconut oils and add shea, avocado, jojoba, calendula, pumpkin, carrot, and beautiful essential oils. We add yucca and pinion, juniper ash and aloe so you will know these soaps hail from the southwest.

We allow the soaps to cure for a month, first in loaves, and then in bars, to slowly create lather and gentleness. Our soaps are softer and more lush - enjoy and be blessed by Creation.

We hope you will find that which you have been searching - an art form, a transformation, a piece of the sacred made in the way of the Corn Pollen Path, the Beauty and Blessingway. 

We ship Monday-Thursday. Thank you for supporting our work and employment opportunities on the Navajo Nation.