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                        UTO:   928-729-5540 (SHIMA office phone)   

Welcome to our new UTO Fulfillment Center! We are located in northern Arizona, in Navajoland and the Episcopal Church in Navajoland.
Our mission was built by Episcopal missionaries 130 years ago. 
We thank you for your support of UTO and of our mission churches here in Navajoland. We are eager to serve you. 
By purchasing our SHIMA' soap and other products on this website you are supporting our mission churches and supporting Navajo families through employment. Already we are employing ten people! And dollar made goes directly to serve our people, our indigenous clergy and our churches. 
We will be receiving a new shipment of blue boxes shortly. We will then have them back up on the website. 


On our website you can order at no cost the blue coin boxes, envelopes, and brochures. Your only cost is for shipping.
We accept on-line orders all week and  ship out on Wednesdays from Fort Defiance, Arizona. 
Please include your church and diocese!
As we prepare for General Convention, the UTO Board is offering a smaller
selection of materials as we begin to produce new materials and giveaways.
 In the meantime, many of the resources that were available in print are
available for free download.  Please follow the links below for items not
currently in print.  If you are still looking for a resource that you do
not see listed here, either for download or in print, please email:
kmassey@episcopalchurch.org so we can add your request to the list of
possible items to create for Convention.

Bulletin Inserts:
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2016 Grant Brochure:
Activities for Children